Only the fifth part of sixty hundred crusaders has reached the destination point during the First Crusade. Others have died of hunger. Such an experience was taken into account: provision supplement and storing contracts have been signed with different states on the crusaders’ route for the next Crusade. 

Delivering goods on time is important part of today’s economy. Tauralt offers ultimate transport solutions and assures qualitative and active processing of a chosen delivery scheme. No less important section of technological network is storage and working-up. We are responsible of both.

Services provided by us:

  • door-to door cargo delivery by railway, over-the-road and marine modes of transport
  • cargo transshipment in ports of Estonia – in Tallinn (port of Muuga, Paljassaare and Paldiski) and in Sillamäe
  • cargo handling and processing (survey, sample collection, analysis and quality inspection, humidity tests, weighing, sorting, cleaning, repacking)
  • freight forwarding: bulk freight, loose and bagged cargo, slabs and others
  • cargo storage at customhouse warehouses (also at free customs zone)
  • document flow and customs formalities.