Centralized provision warehousing system existed already at the times of ancient Inca Empire. Its forethought and the scope of logistics infrastructure has astonished Spanish conquistadors at that times and is still surprising modern scientists.

Stock, stored in the warehouses of Tauralt is further used in the production of chocolate, coffee, perfume and alcohol products of famous factories in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Estonia.

In order not to let raw materials lose their goodness it is necessary to follow all the storing requirements. A wide range of products is presented in warehouses of Tauralt – from cacao to perfume production raw materials. The whole cycle of works with products is performed in the engineered storages: from cleaning and quality inspection to sorting and packing.

Our partners:

  • Continaf B.V.
  • Nestle
  • United Confectionary
  • Daarnhouwer B.V.
  • EVR Cargo
  • Transiidikeskus AS
  • Sanktotrans AS
  • Inspectorate Viretes Bureau
  • VN Prodeks


  • loading and unloading of bagged cargo, cross dock
  • processing of bulk freight
  • unitized handling
  • warehousing and sample collection, including for the LIFFE (The London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange) and certified purposes for ICE
  • IFS
  • import and export operations
  • issue of Phytosanitary Certificates
  • composing certificate forms A and EUR.1
  • issue of warehouse receipts
  • cargo sorting
  • quality inspection
  • fixing of damaged goods
  • door-to-door cargo delivery


  • Baltic countries
  • Scandinavia
  • CIS countries
  • Western Europe
  • Main office in Estonia