At least 3000 years ago the discoverers of cacao were Indian nations of Mexico. They valued cacao beans so much that they even used them as money. The known fact is that cacao beans can significantly raise one’s mood thanks to the content of phenethylamine in it and even the aroma of cacao can stimulate the elaboration of happiness hormones. Maybe that is the reason why cacao is one of favorite products in our company.

Cacao trees fruit during the whole year, fruit harvest is held twice a year. The main harvest is in October-February and another one is in May-June. As a result the processing, storage and transportation of cacao is performed all the year round by our company.

The turnover of Tauralt is up to 50 000 tonnes per annum.


  • bagging
  • gas
  • issue of the certificates of origin
  • obtainment of Phytosanitary Certificates
  • operations of import and export
  • storage
  • sample collection
  • quality inspection
  • recovery of damaged lots
  • fixing the damages
  • transportation 


  • Baltic countries
  • Scandinavia
  • CIS countries
  • Western Europe
  • Main office in Estonia